GCell announces Solar Powered Keyboard Folio for iPad Air


GCell today announced the Solar Powered Keyboard Folio for iPad Air, the world’s first energy harvesting keyboard folio for iPad® Air 2.

The Bluetooth® wireless keyboard uses solar technology to harvest indoor and outdoor light energy into a rechargeable battery. The convenience offered by the GCell keyboard allows users to type with an iPad from the home, at the office or during the daily commute without need to change batteries or revert to a mains powered charger.GCell_KB_low_7

The design has been focused on providing a contemporary, thinner streamlined and lightweight profile, popular with users of wireless keyboards. This ultra-portable keyboard weighs only 235g, is less than 6mm thick and has a lavish silicone-paint finish giving it a silky feel.

Richard Costello, CEO at G24 Power said, “We’ve built a product with the demands of the iPad Air 2 user in mind. Nowadays, people take their iPad with them everywhere. They can become prisoners of their devices; perhaps they are writing a thesis whilst travelling, or need to catch up with work on a train but they have left their cable at home or there are no plug sockets available. The GCell wireless keyboard re-charges itself by efficiently soaking up any ambient source of light, indoors or out. With GCell any visible light source becomes an energy source.”

The GCell keyboard is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It is also programmed with ‘Hot Keys’ allowing the user to perform repeated key functions quickly and conveniently. With a high-quality scissor-key structure every keystroke gives tactile feedback for an improved typing experience.

The plastic photovoltaic cell is robust and shatterproof meaning it can be used without fear of breakage if dropped. It is also incredibly thin, this helps create an ultra-thin keyboard design that is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically friendly allowing the user to type with more comfort and less strain.

The keyboard comes complete with a luxurious black folio to protect the tablet whilst maintaining its portability. It has been sized to fit the popular 9.7” tablet sizes including the latest iPad Air 2.

The keyboard and folio are magnetically connected allowing the user to physically detach the keyboard from the folio for use and pairing with other iOS or Android devices such as smartphones, meaning users can text or update social media more easily.

Costello continues “People can become frustrated by the onscreen keyboard of tablets and we believe we have created the best wireless Bluetooth keyboard on the market. We’ve targeted the demands of the iPad user who want convenience and elegance in a high-end quality keyboard product. We’ve removed the idiosyncrasies found on other solar keyboards. As world leaders in solar technology we have chosen a photovoltaic cell that is shatterproof to withstand everyday knocks-and-bumps, and we have positioned it on the keyboard where it can best harvest light energy. We’ve also enabled the user to remove the keyboard from the folio to pair it with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone making it a very versatile everyday device.”

Launch Date and Availability

The GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio will be launched at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA in Santa Clara November 19-20, and is expected to be available through retailers in the U.S. and Europe in December 2014.

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