G24 launch Energy Harvesting Development with Texas Instruments

G24, the global pioneer of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell technology announces collaboration with Texas Instruments to create a joint technology platform by combining G24’s solar cell technology with Ti’s low power battery management devices. With this collaboration, global OEMs will have access to a whole new family of autonomous self-powering devices.

“We are thrilled to be working with Texas Instruments. The combination of our Gen-3 solar technology and Ti’s low power battery management devices will enable self powering functionality for a wide range of applications, such as computer peripherals, low-power portable electronics, as well as industrial and home automation” said Richard Costello, Chief Operating Officer at G24.

Collaborating with a company like G24i, with their combination of flexible panels and high indoor efficiency, allows customers to address an entirely new class of applications said Chris Link , Sector Manager in Ti’s Battery Charge Management Business. These applications are a great fit for Ti’s battery management devices, which can store and manage very efficiently the energy harvested by G24’s technology.