GCell can be integrated solar cell applied directly to surface or embedded within the mechanical design of almost any product application.

The module has been designed to be very versatile for easy integration. Our flexible approach to mass-production enables the manufacture of custom size solar cells without difficulty.

The architecture of GCell adds the minimal amount of thickness to any product approximately 1mm – circa the thickness of a credit card.  GCell enables a slim-line product application design in many applications including Wireless Solar Keyboards, Solar Power eReader and many other consumer electronics products where product thickness and aesthetics are of paramount importance to its marketability.

GCell uses the latest polymer materials to ensure the module is protected and remains flexible ensuring robustness and durability allowing OEMs to integrate without fear of breakages commonly found with brittle glass substrate solar cells.


Integration materials

GCell can be integrated using a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape to fix the solar cell into position and requires no additional protection or mechanical support. This ensures the continued lightweight properties of the solar cell and that GCell will not compromise the product application during mechanical durability tests such as a drop test.

Similarly, GCell can be surface mounted to an application using a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape and in most applications requires no additional encapsulation or protection for typical everyday indoor use.


For information about connecting your energy harvesting circuit to GCell visit Interconnect.