Indoor Solar Cells

GCell indoor solar cells are designed to perform whether it’s a dimly lit living room or brightly lit supermarket.

Our GCell brand of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) is an efficient indoor solar cell. GCell has been created to work in a wide range of indoor lighting conditions from extremely low light conditions, to dimly-light living rooms through to brightly-lit supermarkets. GCell can also harvest energy from outdoor and high-level lighting sources even though it has not been specifically attuned for this purpose.

Indor Solar Cells - Lux-levels

GCell spectral response

GCell has been attuned to indoor lighting conditions to provide improved power density. The spectral response of GCell is similar to that of the human eye; infrared and ultraviolet offer little benefit to its energy harvesting capabilities. The absorption spectra of GCell is 390-700 nm. The peak absorbance is between 500-550 nm. So the simple rule for GCell is, if the light is visible then its energy can be harvested.

Indoor Solar Cells - Spectral-Response

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