Customized Solar Cells

Customized solar cells by G24 Power. We can manufacture Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) in customized solar cell configurations.

Customized solar cells are available from G24 Power. Our unique DSSC manufacturing process means GCell can be precisely manufactured to suit your needs. Customized solar cells are available in custom lengths and sizes for high volume OEM integration.

Typically customers specify their requirements based on the available footprint (size) or by required voltage. Once a specification has been established our technical team can recommend the most cost-effective customized solar cell configuration to suit your application.


GCell customized solar cells are available in lengths from 50mm to a maximum of 1000mm. The greater the length the greater the current produced by the cell. GCell is also available in widths of 2 cells to a maximum of 11 cells. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 0.45v at 200lux. Our multi-cell structure is linked in series to help achieve a range of voltages up to 4.95v at 200lux. (Higher voltages can be achieved with greater illuminance.)

Length (mm)501000
Cells (12mm ea)211
GCell Module Sizes

Electrical Performance

GCell has been attuned to indoor lighting conditions to provide improved power density. We use the term power density rather than the term efficiency because it is a more tangible performance measurement of GCell when used indoors.

Our calculation method uses power output (e.g. microwatts) for a given area (e.g. per cm²) at a luminance level (e.g. 200lux). Depending on the chemical formulation, materials used and customer requirements GCell’s power density at 200lux ranges from 4-7μW/cm².

For datasheets and further information on the electrical performance of GCell please contact the Business Development team.


Production samples and high performing customized solar cells are available for your evaluation. Samples are priced on application depending on cell configuration and customer power density requirements. To discuss your GCell customized solar cell sample requirements please contact the Business Development team.

Characteristics of GCell

Illuminance rangeMinMax
Attuned range (Lux)502,000
Working range (Lux)50100,000*
Temperature rangeMinMax
Operating temperature (°C)1050
Storage temperature(°C)-1055
Spectral responseMinMax
Attunded range (nm)390700
Peak absorbance (nm)500550
Per cm²0.059
Attunded range3*
*Exposure to higher illuminance may reduce product life

Discuss your OEM requirements

To discuss your OEM requirements please contact the Business Development team.