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Knowledge - Alternatives to BatteriesAlternatives to Batteries

As our dependence on batteries continues to grow we explore the alternative technologies to disposable batteries.

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Knowledge - Energy StorageEnergy Storage Consideration

Consider the options of energy storage devices for use with GCell, as part of an Energy Harvesting system.

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Knowledge - Energy HarvestingIndoor Energy Harvesting

Explore the possibilities of Energy Harvesting indoors using ambient light and converting directly into electricity.

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Knowledge - Solar CellsSolar Cells

Review different solar technologies and their promise of a clean source of energy that does not generate any harmful by-products.

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Knowledge - A-ZGlossary

A to Z list of terms used on the GCell website. Is there a word missing from our list? Contact us and let us know.

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Knowledge - FAQFAQs

Need answers? Refer to our list of frequently asked questions and answers.

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