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GCell (DSSC)

Brochure_cover_thumbGCell Brochure

GCell DSSC Indoor Solar Cell Brochure 2014

GCell Brochure



Texas Instruments DSSC Whitepaper

A study of DSSC under indoor low level light.

Texas Instruments DSSC White Paper

GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio


GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio Datasheet

GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio product datasheet

GCell_Solar_KBFolio_Low Res_v1

Titanium Dioxide

TiO2_ThumbTitanium Dioxide TiO2 Datasheet

Datasheet for G24 Power Nanocrystalline Colloidal Titanium Dioxide Paste

TiO2 Datasheet



TiO2_Whitepaper_thumbTitanium Oxide whitepaper for Dye Sensitized & Perovskite Solar Cells

Whitepaper for TiO2 for DSSC, Perovskite and other applications

TiO2 DSSC & Perovskite Whitepaper

ISO Certificates

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality Management System accreditation to ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO Certificates