Solar Powered Keyboard Folio For iPad Pro


The world’s first Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro (9.7″). Charging with ambient light means there is no need to change batteries or revert to a mains powered charger.



The Solar Powered Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro (9.7″) allows users to type with an iPad from the home, the office or on a daily commute without the need to change batteries or revert to a mains powered charger.

Product features:

  • Indoor solar charging
  • Luxury black protective folio included
  • Designed to fit iPad Pro (9.7″)
  • Removable keyboard
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with iOS 4.0 and above
  • Compatible with Android 3.1 and above
  • Ultra-thin keyboard
  • Hot-keys for iPad Air & iPad Air 2
Image of  Solar Powered Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro (9.7″) are for demonstration purpose only. iPad Pro sold separately.

Package contents

  • Solar Bluetooth Keyboard (Removable)
  • Luxury black protective folio
  • User Guide
  • Micro USB cable for emergency charging

Platform Compatibility

  • iOS 4.0 and above
  • Android 3.1 and above

Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth V3.0
  • Maximum Operating Range: 10 metres
  • Charges under indoor ambient light
  • Charge option by USB


ItemLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (g)
Keyboard only2401606235
Keyboard + Folio24218121.88490
Keyboard + Folio + iPad Air24218128.7965

Part Number

  • KB6026

Warranty Information


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