Wireless Solar Keyboard

The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is a wireless solar keyboard device for the Apple iPad. The powered by light keyboard harvests ambient light indoors and out thanks to a G24 solar cell.

Case Study

G24 case study background

The world’s first major application of game-changing dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSC) was launched in May 2012 with Logitech’s light powered Wireless Solar Keyboard Folio for the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

The slim-line design folio provides lightweight portability and durable front and back protection for the iPad. It also boasts the added functionality of a Bluetooth® solar keyboard powered by a G24 solar cell.


Throughout a 12-month period the G24 technical team worked closely with Logitech to identify the power requirements and establish a suitable form factor to create the most economical module format for the inclusion of a G24 solar cell into the Solar Keyboard Folio.

Through four distinct phases of feasibility studies it became possible to present variations of module formats to Logitech for their assessment. Once power requirements, voltage and module specification were confirmed G24 moved quickly to progress the project to the pre-production build and test phase.


G24 worked closely with the Logitech product development team to design, manufacture and deliver the product to meet specification and enable the creation of the world’s first major application of DSSC for the world’s first major light powered tablet keyboard folio.

G24 delivered weekly shipments into Logitech’s OEM partner to enable production to keep track with soaring market demands. The G24 integration team were implanted with the OEM manufacturer to ensure any technical obstacles were overcome enabling manufacture to continue without delay.

Application benefits

Offers added functionality to the iPad, with increased freedom of use and no restrictions of trailing wires.

Offers a lightweight, impact and shatterproof resistant solution, unlike amorphous silicon (a-Si) cells. The durable G24 solar cell properties fit with the folio purpose of protecting the iPad whilst maintaining its portability.

The rechargeable batteries allow the user to type with their iPad from the comfort of their home or office without ever needing to change batteries, seek high lux levels or revert to a mains operated charger.

This eco-friendly consumer product removes the consumer concerns with the responsible disposal of batteries.

Contemporary design
A thinner streamlined and lightweight profile, seemingly popular with users of wireless keyboards, enable Logitech to maintain their brand appeal of design excellence.

Ergonomic design
The thin nature of the G24 solar cell enables an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically friendly design allowing the user more comfort and less strain.

G24 application awards

CES – 2013


Logitech_logoLogitech International S.A. (SIX: LOGN, NASDAQ: LOGI) is a global provider of personal computer accessories headquartered in Switzerland famed for their personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world sought the inclusion of a keyboard powered by light into their protective iPad cover.


“I already have to charge up an iPhone, an iPad and a laptop (sometimes), why do I want to have to plug in a keyboard? I don’t, that’s why. Keeping the Solar Keyboard Folio charged is a simple matter of setting it down in some decent light, indoor or outdoor, and letting it soak up the magic photons. That’s it! “

Rob LeFebvre – Editor with the

“By leveraging a renewable energy source that is readily available, G24 and Logitech can change the face of consumer electronics. I anticipate that this is the first of a series of successful green products.”

Professor Michael Graetzel, inventor of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells.