Solar Powered Motorized Blinds

The Skyco Shadings Solar Powered Motorized Blinds system uses G24 solar cell to intelligently harvest the available light to power a DC motor and enable the user to control the solar shading with the use of a remote or wall mounted switch.

Case Study

G24 solar cell case study background

In September 2011 Californian-based Skyco Shading Systems were awarded a contract with a global hotel chain to take part in a major renovation of their flagship hotel.

The hotel was the first in the world to deploy and utilize a large scale solar system indoors to power a motorized wireless blinds and shades system using G24 solar cell to produce electricity. 


The 5,044-room hotel underwent a major renovation that included 41 “Stay Well” rooms with features intended to aid sleeping, reduce allergies, and promote healthy eating. It also included the installation of energy efficient shades in over 8,000 of their windows to add to the hotel’s green credentials.

The hotel contained heavy tinted glass and windows facing north, south, east and west. The G24 technical team was able to demonstrate that DSSC was the only solar technology that provided enough electricity to power the wireless shade system on all four aspects of the hotel.


G24 solar cell helped save $3M on the installation, by eliminating the need for the tens of miles of hard wire in addition to eliminating the impact to operation and lost revenue caused by the in wiring process.

The G24 technical team was instrumental in the design of the motorized element of shading system. The end result was a plug n’ play system where the G24 solar module was easily mounted on the inside of the window (facing outside) and connected to the DC motor to enable the user to control the solar shading with the use of a wireless remote control wall switch.

Application benefits

Plug ‘n Play system
G24 solar cell eliminated the construction costs associated with the installation of hard wiring.

Maintenance free
G24 solar cell eliminated the operational costs of replacement of batteries.

G24 solar cell works in a wide range of light levels – including low light levels, tinted windows and north facing windows.

Child safe
Creates a stylish, contemporary and child safe shading solution.

Provides a more sustainable means of solar shading for domestic and commercial buildings.



Image courtesy of MGM Resports