Solar Smoke Detectors

The Argus Security solar powered smoke detector is a wireless smoke alarm coupled with a solar base that uses GCell as a secondary renewable power source.

Case Study

GCell case study background

Italian-based fire detection company Argus Security S.r.l. integrates a flexible GCell module into a cylindrical shaped solar base to fit neatly with their existing smoke detector product.

The SGSB100 – Wireless Solar Base offers increased primary battery life of a wireless fire detector and is one of the first applications of indoor solar in the professional fire and security market.

GCell opportunity

Our technical team worked with Argus Security to educate their engineers on the value of our GCell photovoltaic module and its indoor attuned capabilities matched closely to the visible light spectrum.

Using 200lux as a benchmark (typical living room light levels) the engineers looked to create a wireless device that requires 8-10hours a day of indoor ambient light and could continue to operate when no light is available.

GCell integration

The flexible GCell module was curved around the cylindrical shape of the solar base, a unique feat not feasible for conventional brittle and rigid silicon-based solar cells. This provided compatibility with the existing smoke detector design increasing the prospect of retro-fitting.

Preserving the use of energy harvested by GCell, Argus Security used ultra low power integrated circuits and a low leakage super-capacitor to ensure the wireless device can continue to operate when no ambient light is available.

The result is an increase to the primary battery life of the wireless fire detector from the current 5 year baseline up to 8 to10 years. The end user is set to benefit from the significant cost savings associated with the reduction in service intervals and maintenance, plus the product extended product life.

GCell application benefits

Extended battery life
GCell enables an extension of battery life from the current 5 year baseline up to 8 to10 years.

Curved, flexible solar cell design
The flexible properties of GCell permit the solar cell to be curved to fit the cylindrical shape of the solar base.

Maintenance free
GCell enables significant reductions in the levels of servicing and maintenance required and extends the life of the product.

Increase customer value
Extension of the overall product life cycle cost and quicker payback for the customer.

This eco-friendly consumer product removes the consumer concerns with the responsible disposal of batteries.


Argus_security_logoArgus Security designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of fire detectors and accessories from conventional to wireless solutions. All incoming components are carefully inspected before release to production and all finished products are 100% subjected to calibration and end of line testing. The company is not only ISO9000 approved but is also subject to continuous product audits by major certification bodies including LPCB, VdS, Bosec, BSI, Imq, Australian Standards to meet the rigorous EN 54 performance standards.