Solar Powered eReader

The Leia Media solar powered eReader is a completely new, environmentally-friendly method of delivery for newspaper content and is autonomously powered by GCell.

Case Study

GCell case study background

Finnish media company Leia Media turned to GCell when looking for a power source that is extremely thin, yet very robust, whilst creating an eReader that is powered 100% by solar and/or ambient light energy.

Aesthetics and durability are key to its design whilst sustainability is at the heart of the ePaper ecosystem; it’s easy to see why GCell was the first choice of solar cell.

GCell opportunity

The Leia ePaper will be piloted for newspaper distribution to hundreds of users in November 2013. The test users receive daily morning and evening versions of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

Leia Media are creating an ePaper value chain, which provides media and content providers a completely new, environmentally-friendly method of delivery for media content. Initially, the project will focus on journalistic content distribution, and ultimately, the distribution of educational material.

GCell integration

Promoted as the thinnest eReader ever to be offered to the market the GCell technical team worked extensively with Leia Media to explore the thinnest possible solar cell construction for their use.

GCell was also specified and designed with a low pitch interconnect and mating PCB socket that would not compromise the design height.

GCell application benefits

Autonomously powered
GCell enables the ePaper to be autonomously powered using a mixture of solar and ambient light.

Robust construction
The robust nature of GCell matches the durability requirements of the portable ePaper device.

Thin & lightweight design
GCell integrates seamlessly with the thin profile design and lightweight properties just like a traditional newspaper.

This eco-friendly consumer product doesn’t require disposable batteries or a grid power source.


Leia_Media_logoLeia Media Ltd. is an award-winning spin-off startup born from Aalto and Metropolia Universities’ ePaper research projects. The Leia Media Ltd. management team has close to 100 years of combined management experience from multinationals (Nokia, NSN, Sanoma, Intel) as well as from startups. Key team members have a long, comprehensive background of developing new concepts for consumer electronics products and making them happen.